Monday, 8 February 2010

Wheat Paste Graff

Hello to everybody X

Firstly can I just say a big thankyou for all your feedback to may other posts. I have tried to go to all your posts individually but due to me being very busy and not having enough time to say thankyou to all of you I have decided to start this post by saying a BIG THANKYOU!!!! :-)

Anyway I must appologise as there is only one image at present due to the weather being very cold and my fingers had gone a funny colour of blue after just producing one image. As I manage to put more images up I will post them on here.
The image (if people struggle to see) is of a young woman (no one in particular, just an image I have used). I have drawn the image up in large format (about 1m x 1m) and then painted her black and white using external wood and metal paint and "several" HB pencils.

I then (and this bit I really enjoyed, and it reminded me of Wednesday afternoons at my late Grans when I was a child). I used simmering water and flour, about 6 cups of water to one cup of plain flour and mixed it to make the glue (wheat Paste) and then literally pasted the image to the brick work at Bellamy.

I will admit that some of the younger children helped as this was part of their project but due to the weather they lasted all of 2 minutes which is fare doos!

ENJOY and have a go (although remember that alot of people wont appreciate having stuff pasted on their wall randomly and you will get fined, community service is not fun!) I say though that all public buildings should come with a wheat paste, lets paste the world ;-)


  1. Another good one Jamie. Love the image. It's very effective in black and white. Just a question though, won't it wash off in bad weather, being only stuck on with wheat paste?

    Love Ya, Son.
    Mum Xx

  2. What a fab image ... I love the smell of wheat paste as I recall ... is that odd??? I love the thought of loads of young 'uns contributing to such a large piece of art ... and don't apologise for keeping us waiting ... it is art ... and it is well worth the wait :0)

  3. Yes it will wash away, basically it will weather and disintigrate (not sure if I that spelling is correct ah well!) over time which is what I like about it because in a way it's quite poetic due to where it has been put, the wall that it has been produced on is one of the buildings that is going to be literally pulled down!! so for the time being it is our and my canvas. And I suppose the fact that it doesn't last is quite sad a bit like the building at the moment (poetic). This is why alot of Graff artists do wheat pasting cos they can get away with it and the authorities aren't that harsh on them cos it doesn't last and it just disintigrates (again not sure about the spelling) XXXXXX

  4. Oh wow!
    This is utterly awesome!!!

  5. I must be more of a hermit than I thought. I've nerver heard of wall paintings being done in this medium. It sounds like a brilliant idea. Personally I love to see graffiti in public places. There is a wealth of talent out there. I've never seen any and thought it was rubbish. Your image is lovely.It really feels as if she is watching.
    Beryl xx

  6. Unbelieveable. They may slap a preservation order on it! I know that's not the idea of it but we see too little of this kind of thing around.