Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bellamy Road Estate Art Project

These are some images of a project that I am currently leading on through where I work.

We (me and some of my Youth Workers) have been engaging with young people on an estate in Mansfield which is currently quite run down and is in the process of having a lot done to it. We have been doing a mural project involving different processes, one of which is Graffiti based and producing images with the young people on a donated wall.

Hope you like.


  1. You and the young 'uns have done really well on this project. I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

    Mum Xx

  2. Hi Jamie, the work you are doing with the youngsters looks great, keep it up, as Art is a fantastic bridge between the generations. I have seen your drawings on your Mum's blog before, and was blown away by how good they are. Will keep popping back to see how you are getting on, regards Judith.

  3. Hi Jamie

    Often visit you Mum's blog so know you have a great artistic flair.

    Well done on starting your own blog and shall watch developments with interest.

    B x

  4. I just love grafitti based art and this is no exception ... as for your drawings and piccies ... such talent ... I shall be following to see more!

  5. This looks to be a great project and it certainly brightens things up

  6. Oh wow!
    Absolutely fantastic!
    What a fantastic project amazing!
    Love all you artwork too stunning pieces!

  7. Fabulous Project, Jamie! I found you via your Mum's blog. I used to teach at Newgate Lane, so I've got a good idea of the young people you work with. Good on ya!

  8. these look great - hope there are going to be some spring and summer ones! Do as Mum tells you, and keep the blog going

  9. Wow! Amazing work. Much respect to you and your team.