Saturday, 4 June 2011

Not much to say really other than the paintings are now going in a slightly different direction. As well as using spray paint and letter stencils, I am now also painting into the images with oils.

Also the Heath Ledger painting in earlier posts was produced on a wall, the painting that you see in this post is on canvas.


  1. These just get better and better!

    Love Ya
    Mum Xx

  2. Great work Jamie, I thought I was already a follower, I am now! Love the roses, and these paintings are fabulous, Judith x

  3. These are really great - I love the use of text with images.

  4. The second one is my fav. I like the shabby look
    Came here via your Mum's blog:)

  5. Thankx for all your comments and just a bit of background, it has become apparent from using the text that this is the best way for me to describe what I see in my head when I try and visualize letters and numbers, not in an image form but letters and numbers in general which is due to my dyslexia, which wasn't discovered until I was at University (age 24). Just ask my Mum how much of a nightmare it was for both of us whilst I was at School. And the funny thing is when I had my dyslexic assessment the Learning Psychologist asked me if I was always interested in the visual more than the written word.
    Again ask my Mum how many times I wanted to watch the original Superman film (how much more visual can you get at the time, Popular Culture at it's best). Anyway using the letters in the best way I can to describe the whirlwind of text in my head that makes no sense to me along with highly visual imagery in a 21st Century Pop Art (Culture) style is a justapose of inspiration for me at best (using my demon to create my angel).
    ENJOY!!!! and join the dyslexic revolution, it's not a disability or an excuse, it's a way of life :-) XXXXX

  6. This is a really good idea that you have going on. manufacturing