Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bellamy Road Estate Art Project

These are some images of a project that I am currently leading on through where I work.

We (me and some of my Youth Workers) have been engaging with young people on an estate in Mansfield which is currently quite run down and is in the process of having a lot done to it. We have been doing a mural project involving different processes, one of which is Graffiti based and producing images with the young people on a donated wall.

Hope you like.

Here's some more images of my work.

Portraits in pencil this time. X

Better late than never!

Hi to whoever decides to take a look at my blog.

My Mum (Lesley Ebdon) has been bugging :-) me for some time now to set myself up with a blog, well here it is.

Hope you like it.

Not got much time at the moment but I thought I would just add a few images of some of my pieces first and as I get time to make them I will continue to add photo's.